Issue 27, SMC eUpdate, 24 March 2010

Annual General Meeting
This week you can find out the new programme

So the end of the annual year is just about over, and Gordy had planned an amazing line-up for next year, would you like to know what, when & who? Well come along to the AGM to find out. Also as the AGM closes it's time to pay your subs so please bring along a cheque book, cash or feel free to pay online via paypal.

I hope to see you all there, please remember it's a club run for you so do come along as we would like as many members as possible to form the quorum.

See you soon.

Other events
The Alpha Project
Most of you will know Jon Armstrong, one of our members who works lots of evenings in the theatre so can't make many meetings.

He has been developing a piece of theatre that will be of interest to you.

It is called The Alpha Project, and is a half hour theatrical installation developed in conjunction with Richard Wiseman. It is based on Banachek's Project Alpha (and has received his approval), and will be touring later in the year. It is receiving its premiere at the festival, in a converted coach station.

More about the show, and further information can be found at and a press release here.

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