Issue 28, SMC eUpdate, 6 April 2010

What's coming up

Hi All,

Thanks to all who attended the AGM, we had a great discussion after which I think most people learnt and benefited from, so if you weren't there, you missed out! 
Just a quick reminder of what's coming up:

8 April 2010
Lecture - Steve Price*

22 April 2010
Lecture - Paul Gordon Card Startlers*

13 May 2010
Close up competition

22 May 2010
Annual Dinner
Dinner & cabaret. Only 35 per person.
Featuring Jonathan Shotton (
And Mel Harvey (

Kind regards

General news
General Info
It was asked if I could out together a brief outline of what new magicians/members need to know and good resources etc. I made a brief start which I hope you may find useful, and I'd appreciate any additions you may wish to share.
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Other events

We mentioned in our AGM discussion about various conventions coming up, Paul Gordon kindly forwards the following infomation for you:
Here is the web address for April 11th convention. It's a good line up... Kostya Kimlat, Mel Mellers, ME, James Brown and more!

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