Issue 30, SMC eUpdate, 6 April 2010


Hi All,

I hope to see you all this Thurdsay at the Tri-Wizard, there'e some food available and you're welcome to bring friends and family.

10 June 2010
Tri-Wizard Tournament

24 June 2010
Lecture - Jon Allen*

8 July 2010
Children’s Competition

22 July 2010
Lecture - Romany - Diva of magic*

Kind regards

General news
Letterman's Magic Week
Hi Guys

Below are the links to the video's on Youtube that we talked about last meeting. There's five Magician's and all do about at 6-10 min set and it's on the American David Letterman Show "Magic Week" really worth checking out.

David Letterman introduces "Magic Week" and does a coin trick.

Day 1 - Jason Randall

Day 2 - John Carney

Day 3 - Johnny Ace Palmer

Day 4 - Steve Cohen

Day 5 - Michael Ammar

Thanks Guys
Hope You Enjoy :)
Max Curd
Club 71
An member of our who moved away a few years ago has a favour to ask.

I'm trying to complete a set of Club 71 magazines, and wondered if any of the members of SMC might have any back issues they no longer wanted, or that they might part with for a reasonable amount? I remember people sometimes used to bring magazines to meetings to get rid of. Would you be able to ask at a meeting, or pop it in your next email please? In particular I'm looking for issues 1-6, and then anything after Autumn 84 (issue 17 onwards) until end of 88.

Philip Sweeting (philipsweeting at

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