Issue 33, SMC eUpdate, 24 August 2010

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Thank you to the few members who came to the Al Fresco night, the food was nice and the company super, although numbers were very low. Also the amount of people contacting Gordon to tell him they'd like to come to the BBQ is low. It seems very much that unless there's a lecture you're not interested in socialising with your magical friends.

IF YOU WOULD LIKE TO COME TO THE BBQ, PLEASE CONTACT GORDON ASAP. IF YOU CAN'T MAKE THE BBQ WHY NOT RING HIM TO SAY THANKS FOR THE KIND INVITE BUT "I'M ON HOLIDAY" ETC. After all he's offered you a free bbq, a swim in his pool all because we have a shared interest and he's a nice guy. If you have spoke to Gordy, then thank you.

Kind regards

What's coming up

26 August 2010
Lecture - Mike Pettitt - Supreme Magic*

29 August 2010
BBQ @ Gordon's 2pm
Please let Gordon or me know if your coming ASAP.

9 September 2010
Card Competition

23 September 2010
Club Night (Teach in)

14 October 2010
Simon & Matt are organising so let them know if you'd like to take part

28 October 2010
Lecture - Paul Gordon - Something different*

11 November 2010
Lecture - Ian Keable*

25 November 2010
Lecture - Adrian Sullivan*

9 December 2010
Pub night

Other events

A reminder that this Sunday is the BBQ for all our magic friends and families of Sussex Magic Circle & South Downs Magicians.

Although the weather seems to have broken the BBQ will go ahead.

Doors open at 2.00 and we start cooking at 4.00, to eat at about  5.00. Please bring your own chairs and even a blanket!

If you would like to attend please email me to confirm as I will have to order the burgers etc.
When emailing please state the ages of the children and any special dietary needs.
Also if you would like to do a bit of close up or balloon etc please let me know.

There is no cost to you other than what you bring to drink and maybe a salad or sweet for all to share.

We will of course need a few helpers on the day, before, during and after.

The swimming pool will be open and there will be a few games out for the kids.

Gordon The Blenheims
Keymer Road
Burgess Hill
RH15 0BA
01444 232938

Plug time
Spider Flex Staging
Here's an offer for discounted staging via Jonathan:

Please find an offer for Spider Stage as seen at Blackpool magic convention and which we hope might benefit you or your society

As you will be aware the retail price for Spider Stage is now 750 per unit plus shipping.  As of this morning we have 12  units left of an original 31 piece order, that a customer was not able to complete on.  As we do not hold stock and make to order, we have therefore reduced these stages from the normal trade price 511.70 to 397.81 per unit.  All prices are subject to VAT and delivery, but please discuss this with my colleague Clifford Directly.

Please find a link to the Spider Stage video which shows the stage in action, it is the original design which we manufacture and sell through Steeldeck both here and in the USA and Europe  through Spider GMBH please see their link

The stages on offer are identical to the stage in the video but with the single folding top.  So same base with bag, but the top folds in half not four.  The stages are 110cm x 110cm square and 41cm high, they do not require a step and meet all current code for public venues yellow book etc, they are part of our current range sold in Europe, and require no tools to deploy.  

If you're interested Contact Clifford Directly on 07860 865576 .

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