Issue 35, SMC eUpdate, 13 September 2010

What's coming up
We need to know how many of you guys are intending to come to the SMC rather than go to IBM next week, just so we can plan things. Please let me know which you are attending so I can collate a list.

So are you?
  + Going to SMC
  + Going to IBM
  + Staying at home in front of the fire with a cup of coco?

If you are going to SMC, please take an effect or two with you you'd like to show or teach.

Previous events
Card Comp & Club Night - Stu

This is just a quick thank you to all of you who came to the last meeting, what a great and interesting evening it turned out to be. Thanks to all who took part! Thanks again to Giles for sharing his epic masterpiece in ryhme, amazing!

Kind regards
Card Comp & Club Night - Paul
I'm VERY proud! Thanks to those of you who performed Thursday night. It wasn't as horrid as you might have thought; was it!?. And, I bet you enjoyed it, too. The nagging/cojoling (from Stu and myself) was probably the best kick up the arse you've ever had to conquer the nerves of performing in front of other magicians. And, as you know, it turned out to be a REALLY great night. It's great experience and I hope it's made you hungry for more. And to those who didn't perform, there's always another time. Again, well done and many thanks! Bravo!
Paul Gordon

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