Issue 36, SMC eUpdate, 13 October 2010

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This week it's the Showtime and it's an open night so bring your friends & family, I hope to see you all there.

14 October 2010

28 October 2010
Lecture - Paul Gordon - Something different*

11 November 2010
Lecture - Ian Keable*

25 November 2010
Lecture - Adrian Sullivan*

9 December 2010
Pub night


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Club night review
In the absence of some IBM attendees, Andrew Chase did a wonderful job of hosting the meeting.

He started by displaying his collection of coin gaffs, demonstrating how they all work and highlighting some of the differences. He taught some essential coin sleights, and intrigued us with his revolutionary 'coin toss'. He also offered some thoughts on attire and pocket management.  After the break, he performed many effects from his repertoire and kindly explained them. 

Everything was presented in a relaxed and informed manner which led to an open discussion with some interesting input from other members present. Thanks to everyone who got involved, and a special thanks to Andrew for sharing so much and generating an enjoyable and informative evening.


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