Issue 39, SMC eUpdate, 24 November 2010

What's coming up
This week - Adrian Sullivan
Hi All,

This week at the SMC is a great lecturer who offers some super magical effects that which I've no doubt you will perform. A thank you to you all who sent congratulations for the birth of Freddie, it was very much appreciated, he is growing well and very well behaved (so far).

Here's what's coming up:

25 November 2010
Lecture - Adrian Sullivan*

9 December 2010
Pub night

13 January 2011
Lecture - Wayne Fox*

27 January 2011
Stage Competition

10 February 2011
Lecture - David Penn*

Kind regards

General news
As of the next meeting we will have SMC business cards and postcards for you to take away so you can actively recruit new members. Next time you're at a gig and asked where can they learn some magic you'll have a handy give away to promote the club. Please ensure you take some cards with you and more importantly give them out.

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