Issue 49, SMC eUpdate, 13 May 2011

What's coming up

26 May 2011
Paul Gordon - Basic Card Slights Workshop

28 May 2011 ????????????????????????
Annual Dinner - Oliver Tabor

8 June 2011
Tri-Wizard at ACES

9 June 2011
Will Gray - Lecture

23 June 2011
Children's Competition (stage)

13 July 2011 ****WeDNESDAY****
Shoot Ogawa - Lecture

14 July 2011
Club night - practice what we learnt last night

Annual dinner

As it stands today I only have 26 confirmed people attending the dinner on May 28th. With numbers this low, even without the extras like wine, raffle prizes and decorations we would stand to make a loss.

You have to the end of the weekend to make sure I know you wish to attend, by which time if the numbers are still low I will have no choice but to cancel the dinner.

Please call or text me (07997 986324) to confirm tickets, then email me all the names of your guests for the seating plan.

Kind regards

Previous events
Close-Up Competition 12 May
Firstly, many thanks to the members who helped out last night at the competition by agreeing to compete at the last minute.

A couple of weeks ago we asked who would take part and 6 people raised their hands, last night only 1 person entered. There only 15 people at the club, considering most of the membership are close-up magicians we were very disappointed with the turn out.

However it was a great night with some super magic, Chris Copper was victorious, but thank you again to Max Curd, Matt Parro, Andy Hart, Jonathan Cann and Paul Leacy for agreeing to take part so we could hold the competition.

It was discussed last night that maybe the membership donít want competitions any more, we have 5 a year, Close-up, cards, stage, mental & kids. Should we go down to 2, close-up & stage? What are your thoughts? We want the club to be busy and fun, so if youíre not attending for a reason please let us know.

Kind regards
Stu (Grumpy from Sussex)

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