Issue 4, SMC eUpdate Issue 4, 6 April 2009

Give us you cash

Hi |forename|,

As you may know the AGM means a new year for us, therefore it means your subs are now due, please see Andy and offer him some cash, or if you'd rather pay online you can do so here.

I hope to see you soon.


What's coming up
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9 April 2009
Paul Gordon 'The Real Secrets of Card Magic'*
This week Paul will be giving us his REAL secrets of performing card magic. I'm sure this will be evening not to be missed.

23 April 2009
Magic Market
We all have drawers full of magic stuff that doesn't suit us, bring it along and sell it to someone it might suit.

14 May 2009
Paul Megram AKA Colonel Custard

28 May 2009
Close-up Competition
Please let me know if you'd like to enter.

Annual General Meeting
What happened?
The AGM went well, the full report is written and being checked now. If you weren't there, the basics for now are, we have enough cash in the bank to not rasie subs, we have a great programme of events, this years dinner made a profit again. 
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Other events
Bertie Pearce at The Southdowns Magicians
Bertie Pearce lecture is on Wednesday, May 6th - it's free to all visiting magicians. Many SMC members will have seen him before but anytime spent with Bertie is entertaining so I suggest you try and make it along. SDM

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