Issue 51, SMC eUpdate, 6 June 2011

What's coming up
Busy week, Tri-Wizard & Will Gray Lecture

This week is a busy one with two events for you, Wednesday at ACES is the TriWizard Tournament, and Thursday is Will Gray's lecture. The TriWizard is a fun friendly event where you can meet members from both ACES & Southdowns, please come along to support the SMC members who are taking part. Will Gray's lecture will be a great evening, not only is he a full time pro he also enters the IBM close-up competition every year with a new polished routine to challenge himself. His lecture is one to see.

8 June 2011 (WEDNESDAY)
Tri-Wizard at ACES

9 June 2011
Will Gray - Lecture

23 June 2011
Childrens Competition (stage)
Annual awards then competition

13 July 2011 (WEDNESDAY)
Shoot Ogawa - Lecture

14 July 2011
Club night - practice what we learnt last night

28 July 2011
Chris Congreave - Lecture

11 August 2011
Teach-in (Andy Chase)

25 August 2011
New Members Night / Auditions

8 September 2011
Card Competition (at tables)

A busy few months ahead.

Kind regards

General news
If you're unsure, your subs were due at the AGM in March, there are still quite a few of you who haven't paid yet, could you please contact Andy Hart with your payment, or login to the website to pay by PayPal.

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