Issue 54, SMC eUpdate, 14 July 2011

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Shoot Ogowa Lecture
Shoot was impeccably turned out and immediately came across as a warm and friendly guy with a gentle charm and humour.

He repeated his intentions throughout the evening. This was largely magic for magicians, a lecture designed to inspire and excite, and perhaps reignite those distant feelings of what it is to be fooled and enchanted by magic. I think he delivered!

He began with a somewhat complicated card routine with a three card prediction sandwiched between the Kings. They were in and then out of the card box. He found some chosen cards and the four Aces. Funny - and difficult to follow!

He then performed some exquisite coin manipulations with a single coin and followed this with a Jumbo 3 Card Monte. He went on to perform a transposition between the Red Jacks and Black Fours on his card case.

Then Shoot showed us the effect for which he is probably best known, "Ninja Rings". It was a pleasure to see this performed in person and up close. He has taken a well known trick to a new level and created a beautiful piece of magic with genuine moments of astonishment.

He then moved on to a production of four coins from finger palm position and followed this with a Matrix and Reverse Matrix. He explained these, from both a technical and psychological standpoint and then demonstrated a more advanced method for creating the same effect.

He bemused us both with his effects and his explanations. He was at times playing with us, toying with us, giving slightly bogus explanations as he bamboozled us further, never more so than with his take on the classic "8 Card Brainwave" using the "Olram subtlety.

He talked about his philosophy of magic, to create visual straight forward effects. The importance of revisiting and valuing the "classics of magic" (they're classics for a reason!) and remembering how we felt when we first experienced an effect and harnessing that feeling in our presentation.

He performed a thimble manipulation routine and then turned our attention to cards and offered some thoughts on the Classic Force. Then on to Shadow Coins and Coins Across and a hazy collection of thoughts on the Muscle Pass, both as a flourish and a utility move.

He finished with his "Law of Attraction" routine - a kind of magnetic mime act. Although there is no apparent use for this it is extraordinarily clever and looks absolutely brilliant.

Throughout the evening his enthusiasm and love of magic was palpable. I admired his supreme talent and dedication to our Art and found him delightfully amusing and extremely engaging. Arigatou Shoot."

Remember, it is our regular Thursday meeting tonight - A "Club night". With a doffed cap in the direction of Shoot Ogowa, we look forward to an evening of Lateral Palms and calloused hands!!!


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