Issue 56, SMC eUpdate, 30 August 2011

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Hi All,

New members night was a really enjoyable meeting, yet sadly very badly attended, I know it's holiday season, but I did expect more there. If you weren't there you missed a real treat, Giles has written a great review below.

8 September 2011
Card Competition (at tables)
Please let me know if you'd like to take part, you will need an act you can reset and perform a few times at different tables.

22 September 2011
Teach-in (Andy Chase)

13 October 2011

27 October 2011
David Bonsal Lecture

10 November 2011
Jamie Puppets -

24 November 2011
Gary Jones - Lecture

8 December 2011
Social - Pub night

See you all soon.
Kind regards

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New Members Audition Night
The addition of a New Members night to the programme seemed a success. We had two incredibly competent auditions from Marcus Gear and Bob Chase who both performed admirably amid understandable nerves.

Marcus introduced himself as someone who likes card magic but began with a foray into the Bizarre. He performed a routine called ‘Thread’ by Wayne Houchin. He then presented a series of transpositions with signatures on cards, culminating in a fusion of two cards (He talked afterwards about his thoughts and experiences with this ‘Fusion’ effect). He concluded with some increasingly impossible card transpositions.

Marcus has been involved in magic for around 18 months and particularly enjoys card flourishes and the cardistry of Daniel Madison. He has an informal and amusing style (he opened with a great gag!) and is interested in learning some Stage Magic in the future.

Bob Chase (father to Andy) performed a well rehearsed set, opening with a nice presentation of Killer Elite and then progressed logically into a version of Gemini Twins with a Rainbow Deck. He took to the stage and confidently presented a Magic Square routine which had those-in-the-know nodding appreciatively. He successfully predicted a chosen drink (on the patio!) and finished with an almost impossible card trick.

Bob’s fascination with magic has grown over the past few years, and he enjoys all the ‘fiddling and twiddling’ that goes on at the club. His interest is in the creative process and developing magic, and he has skills in engineering that he applies to the craft.

Congratulations to both Bob and Marcus.

The remainder of the evening was spent defying the laws of gravity and exploring the realms of ‘Body Magic!’

The next SMC meeting is the new look Card Competition on Thursday 8th September. The competition will now take place Close-Up around the tables. For those who might wish to enter, this offers a really good opportunity to perform the same routine several times, in a more natural performance setting and to just a few people at a time.

Hope to see you there,


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