Issue 67, SMC eUpdate, 24 April 2012

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This week...
Greetings |ForeName|,

This week is our annual Close-up Competition, as it's our 60th year, all competition winners will be quite a big deal as you could consider yourself "best of the decade". Please let me know if you'd like to enter.

26 April 2012
Close-Up Competition (at tables)

10 May 2012
Mark Elsdon - Lecture*

24 May 2012
Club Night

14 June 2012
Andi Gladwin - Lecture*

See you all Thursday.

Other events
Steve Price @ SDM
Steve will be lecturing at the South downs on May 2nd.

His lecture is called "Prop Stuff" and everything in the lecture
requires a prop of some sort. He has included:

1) Selbit's blocks - Steve's routine and his thinking behind this
2) Coin-in-bottle - described as "the most logical and visual coin in
bottle routine ever"

The lecture is on Wednesday 2nd May at 8pm at Handcross parish hall.
It is 5 for visitors.

Steve will have lecture notes for sale, as well as some "incredible

More details at: and

Steve won the originality prize in The Magic Circle Close-Up Magician
of the Year competition at the end of March.

This lecture is different from the one he gave to SMC in 2010.

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