Issue 71, SMC eUpdate, 6 June 2012

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Hello |ForeName|,

Sorry for the late email, the bank holidays caught me out. This week is going to be a great lecture by Andi Gladwin, for those who don't know, he's half of Vanishing Inc (the other half is Joshua Jay), he has many marketed items and DVDs and a master of the master push-off.

14 June 2012
Andi Gladwin - Lecture*

28 June 2012
Children's Competition (stage)

4 July 2012
Tri-Wizard Tournament at Southdowns
Because the event is being held on the Fourth of July (American Independence Day), there is a U.S. theme.
The three categories will be:
1. Presidents
2. Stars and Stripes
3. Hollywood

12 July 2012
Richard Bellars - Lecture*

26 July 2012
Club Night

9 August 2012
Craig Petty - Lecture*

I hope to see you all Thursday.

Kind regards

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