Issue 72, SMC eUpdate, 25 June 2012

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This week, a change to the programme
Hi |ForeName|,

This week due to a double booking we can't have the main room at the Hassocks, we will however have a separate corner or the bar sectioned off for us, therefore the Childrens Competition is not possible and we will have a club night instead.

28 June 2012
Club night (in bar)

4 July 2012
Tri-Wizard Tournament at Southdowns
Because the event is being held on the Fourth of July (American Independence Day), there is a U.S. theme.
The three categories will be:
1. Presidents
2. Stars and Stripes
3. Hollywood

12 July 2012
Richard Bellars - Lecture*

26 July 2012
Club Night

9 August 2012
Craig Petty - Lecture*

I hope to see you all Thursday.

Kind regards

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Andi Gladwin Review
On Thursday 14th June the SMC were honoured to a lecture from professional magician and co-owner of "vanishing Ink" Andi Gladwin.

Andi performed a varied section of material out of his professional working repertoire. Not only did he entertain us with some first class magic but also took time to give some brilliant tips on how to promote ourselves as professional magicians. The lecture was divided into two parts. The first dealt with a few hard-hitting card routines, including his own "master push off" card technique and also tips on how to get gigs.

The second half was devoted to a ten-minute stage production, which was fantastic and very different to any lecture I have seen in fact too good to explain and I wouldn’t want to give anything away especially if you get chance to see the lecture. After the evening Andi stuck around by speaking with some of our members answering questions and helping out in anyway. Personally this is the first time I have seen Andi and it’s easy to see why he is such a popular magician. The lecture was very well presented with detailed explanations.

He’s such a nice guy.
Chris Copper

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