Issue 75, SMC eUpdate, 19 July 2012

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Our next meeting on the 26th is a Bring & Buy evening / Club night, so if you have something in your bottom drawer that you'll never use, why not bring it along and find it a new home.

26 July 2012
Club Night - Bring & Buy Sale

9 August 2012
Craig Petty - Lecture*

23 August 2012
New Members / Audition Night

13 September 2012
Martin Peirce - Lecture*

See you soon.
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Previous events
Richard Bellars Ė review
A good crowd assembled to see Richard Bellars (SMC member) lecture. A fantastic evening full of original ideas and strong magic.

Richard is fairly well know for being on the TV series "Penn and Teller Fool Us" and winning a all inclusive trip to Vegas, from which he shared lots of interesting information and the secrets that helped him win the show.

The lecture itself was called "How to Suck Eggs" which consisted of seven card tricks, PK Time and a simple coin routine to finish.

All the tricks, you would have seen before but with a difference, they all had his own unique version to them, making them new and a lot stronger than before. Richard loves to perform at really close quarters getting everyone involved. He didnít have any props or DVDs to sell, he just wanted to entertain, share his experiences and to teach some really good magic. The details he gave when explaining his routines were fantastic and it just showed how much time he puts in to perfect each effect.

I was surprised to learn that this was Richards first lecture, and we would certainly recommend him to any other society looking for entertainment and some good working material.

Chris Copper

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