Issue 96, SMC eUpdate, 23 July 2013

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This week is the Tri-Wizard, it's open to all so bring a friend.


Houdini Life Death & The Rest - Stuart Harley - Lecture *

New Members / Audition / Club Night

Andrew Murray *

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Colm Mulcahy - Mathemagic
There was something special about Colm Mulcahy's secret lecture. On a hot and humid night at the Blenheims, we met for an intimate exploration into Mathemagic. Colm is a Professor of Mathematics who has applied his skills to entertaining with card magic. On the evening he shared many of his own original creations and expanded on other existing ideas.

Colm began the evening talking with passion and insight about the life and works of Martin Gardner, one of magic's true pioneers. He then demonstrated certain effects and explained the underlying principles involved. He explained everything succinctly with a gentle and laid back approach.

He covered a whole host of ideas, from forces and controls, to poker deals and a two person telepathy routine. And, on a night of mathemagical wizardry, we returned home with heads spinning, creative juices bubbling and fond memories of a little brass ball!!!


This was one of the most interesting lectures I've been to for a long time. For those who attended I'll send you the free lecture notes asap. - Stu

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